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Published on December 1, 2007 By Philly0381 In Internet
As most of us have realized and figured out there are several ways of getting to your favorite destination.

Many out there use their Web Browser of choice, whether it be IE, FF, Opera or one of several others that are available. Lately I've seen people tout the virtues of SeaMonkey. Then there are those that use SDC and just click Web Browser on the left hand side and even some that click WinCustomize and use its browser. Needless to say we all get to our final destination.  

Now the WC Browser was pointed out as one of the benefits when you subscriber to WC, you wouldn't see any ads. Funny, the SDC Brower provides the same feature.   

When I first started coming here I was using IE, then when I got a WC subscription I switched to it's browser. For me the key was the ease of downloading that won me over. A few clicks, the skin was downloaded and installed. Well dummy me just found out again that that feature is available in using SDC. Hmmm. I do believe we have some duplication going on here. For the last couple of days I have been getting here using SDC.

They all work but for me the ease of downloading and getting the skin installed quickly is what it's all about.  

So, just how do you get hear? Why did you choose that path? Have you tried all the paths?

Then a question for WC/Stardock, which is the recommended, best way or how you thought people would get here.   
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on Dec 01, 2007
I went the reverse route of many. I found JU well before I found WC.

JU is my home page, because it's where I spend most of my time. The forum feels like "home", and the users on here really have become a sort of family (although at times, a slightly dysfunctional one).
on Dec 01, 2007
I get here by FF and the install ease is the same .. click on most files and they install automatically...
on Dec 01, 2007
on Dec 01, 2007
IE7 too
on Dec 01, 2007
FF tried others I like FF best
on Dec 01, 2007
IE6 I hate IE7
on Dec 01, 2007
I use Opera and have used ie6, netscape, WcBrowser and Mozilla.

I use Opera because it has inbuilt irc chat and feeds. The stop n resume downloads, notes, widgets and speed dial( a feature in lates Opera which shows ur fav. 9 pages in every new tab) features make it outstanding.
There are lots of fabulous skins for Opera nd every WC member love to skin thats why I think WC should have a column for Opera skins too.
And ya one more thing, there is a Nice Opera Community too.
on Dec 01, 2007
Philly, the skin browsing in SDC is only available if you have subscribed to WC.  It then allows you to run the skin browser module.

I used SDC for years (and Component Manager before that along with my news reader) as my primary access point.  A few years ago it seemed like Stardock was updating some apps multiple times a day abnd I wanted SDC at the ready to test whatever new toy was getting tweaked.  Updates these days are a bit slower coming out (but better tested internally and more complex) and SDC as an "always-on" tool just isn't needed.

I now use FF for most of my browsing and there's almost always a tab set to the most recent forum posts and one on the gallery.
on Dec 01, 2007
I use IE& and the WC browser. Just depends on what I'm trying to do. If I just want to get skins, I'll use WC/B. If I'm surfing the net,'s IE7 (or FF3 beta. Man that sucker's FAST!)
on Dec 01, 2007
shoulda read closer...hehe

I use IE7 at work (the only one that's approved), FireFox at home.
on Dec 01, 2007
IE6 of course.
on Dec 01, 2007
Thanks Zubaz, knew there had to be an explaination to the WC/SDC Browser question.   
on Dec 01, 2007
I use Crazy Browser
on Dec 01, 2007
Interesting with just the few replies that except for myself, you all use something other that the provided browser. Granted you need to have a subscription to WC to have it available to use.  
on Dec 01, 2007
IE7 - The Skinning Gods commands me to use it.   
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