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Anothe way of searching the web
Published on January 9, 2008 By Philly0381 In Internet
I ran across this browser a couple months back and put post here. Well it looks like the second beta has been released.

Yeah, bottom line is that it's another way to search the web. I play it with some and it's kind of fun. I'm not all that sure how practical it is and whether it would be more of a bother to use than just IE or FF or any other browser that you all ready have.

This probably falls more into the category of a toy right now. I though it might be worth a look for some of you.

Space Time 3D
WWW Link
on Jan 09, 2008
I went to the link and I thought it was pretty cool. I'm gonna mess around with this later. Thanks for the 411.
on Jan 09, 2008
No problem Chasbo. We all come across these type of things every now and then. One of these times it just maybe someting worth while.  
on Jan 14, 2008
Yep.....saw this when you posted it toy! Thanks for the update Philly!
on Jan 14, 2008
hey! that's kinda cool....very Vista-ish. Without all the pain in the arse Vista-ishness.....if that makes any sense at all. I gotta go to bed. I need sleep. I just filed my taxes and realized that I hate the federal government. That's right, I said it. I hope you basta......

Sorry, got off on a tangent.......
on Jan 14, 2008
Very interesting and it looks really cool. Any idea what kind of resources it uses?  
on Jan 14, 2008
Weird...... will try it out further when I have more time. Certainly interesting.
on Jan 14, 2008
Looks very good.......will give it a try over the next few weeks   
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