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Published on September 13, 2008 By Philly0381 In Internet

Okay, lets get real personal here.     Just kidding.

There are always one or two questions during the day that I wonder about, one is when folks sign on to the internet, through thier browser of choice, what are they using as their Home Page.

I use IE8 right now and for that.  I think MS though Windows Live gives you the option of setting up a Home Page as does I believe Google.  Are you using your Blog site or a personal web site that you have set up?

If you have something set up that you want to show off post a link.  I'm not out to steal anything but if you show me something nice I am willing to change. 

No I won't use your Home Page as mine, though I am looking for suggestions.

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on Sep 13, 2008

This site has been my homepage since it opened.........

I think you'll get the same answer from a lot of people here too.

on Sep 13, 2008

Umm . . . the default Firefox Start Page? 

on Sep 13, 2008

I use Firefox 3 and I have my homepage set with 5 tabs.  Gmail, FOXNews, Wincustomize, DeviantART and ESPN...

on Sep 13, 2008

MSN,it gives me all the headlines i need.

then i move on to my fav`s  

on Sep 13, 2008

My homepages are yahoo mail, wincustomize, deviantart and maxstyles.  Using IE7 and tabs.

on Sep 13, 2008

Just  had a thought for a new Home Page.

With an update coming sometime in the future to WinCustomize, what if they had options to add things to their home page with panels for news and weather and other stuff. 

Hmmm, wonder what the developers and programmers might be working on in the back room?


on Sep 13, 2008

For the most part it's WinCustomize and iGoogle. 

on Sep 13, 2008

 Wincustomize for me..

on Sep 13, 2008

Yahoo! for me

on Sep 13, 2008
on Sep 13, 2008

Google news on Firefox with my fav personal tabs.

on Sep 13, 2008

google news for me.  I had igoogle for a while but I guess stopped at some point. 

on Sep 13, 2008

Made and host 2 webpages on my computer, the first one have the current moonphase and date scripts with the current Day & Night globe picture, the second one recreate the FastDial extension features !
Right now I'm using the first one for my homepage and access the second one from the toolbar.

[URL=][/URL]  [URL=][/URL]

on Sep 13, 2008

On FF3 I use igoogle; on IE7 it is msn.

on Sep 13, 2008

Sorry for previous post, I try to put thumbnail images for the screenshots but something is wrong, I wonder why we don't have a preview feature for the post, and it seem that the edit feature don't work anymore !

here the direct links for the screenshots

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