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Published on September 17, 2008 By Philly0381 In Internet

Recently I have done a couple of posts, one asking if you used tabs in your browser of choice and the other asking what you used for your Home Page when you opened your browser.  This question continues this theme with asking just how are you getting your News with the computer.

For most sites that you use for a home page you can add information panels with News (local, national or world) being one of many.  Most browsers have also added the function to access RSS feeds.  You could also just set up a favorites link and open it in a tab in you browser.  Yet another way would be to use one of the RSS DesktopX widgets/objects.  Oops, forgot that you could use something like Desktop Sidebar using it's News function.  Damn, way too many options.

So how are you keeping up with the News?  Do you use just one option or several?  Oh and News is News, whether it's Tech, Gaming, Weather or just plain News.

Yeah I know, lots of free time on my hands.

on Sep 17, 2008

On the web:

Tech stuff through Google Reader.

Facebook/other social updates through Firefox's Live Bookmarks [so I can read 'em without opening any other tab]

Digg for all the other stuff.

On the desktop:

Weather through ObjectDock




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